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A Greater Good

A Greater Good

My name is Kirk and I’m a graphic designer / photographer / artist. I work with a lot of different companies on digital marketing and print campaigns. It’s my mission to inspire companies to have a positive impact on our environment.  It’s time to start creating for a greater good.

Stop by my Blog to learn more about the projects and art I create.

I love my iPad Pro

Landscape Photography

I’d love to live in Blue River, BC or Bishop, California. My passion lives in the outdoors but my wonderful children and I live in Houston, TX. For that reason, I have to express myself through art and photography.

Western USA
Landscape Photography

Rogue River Preserve

I had an opportunity to visit Oregon’s Rouge River back in 2009. The rivers beautiful color and wild country made a lasting impression.

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Limitless Options

Education and a healthy spirit of environmental activism is required to save our wild places and natural resources. I hope that my artwork and photography bring joy and inspiration to anyone interested in preserving our wonderful world.

Want to get involved? Visit The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation
Limitless Options

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I try to answer all of my emails. Please feel free to contact me for just about anything.

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